Contributing to the Atlas

With the aim of making the Atlas the best possible tool, we would like you to contribute an item (or more!) and then offer feedback about the capabilities and of the Atlas. Your contribution can include any current or former worship space used for purposes other than religious activities, or churches operating with unique governance and/or ownership models. Examples include: churches used for housing or accommodations; abandoned or demolished worship spaces; performance and play spaces; churches adapted and used by other faiths; breweries, restaurants, and other spaces for consumption; mixed-use sites (can include active worship spaces), and many more.

We expect the Atlas to be an innovative tool for the general public, municipalities, governments, religious communities, not-for-profits and social enterprises, heritage advocates, and researchers.

Consider browsing the site, to see what is it is all about. To contribute, you first need to register as Guest User. The registration button is located in the header, top right. Once your registration is approved, you will be able to login and then contribute items to the Atlas.

On the main page, click the ‘ADD TO THE ATLAS’ button (located in the header Menu or bottom of page) to start your contribution. Your contribution is called an ‘Item.’ Several text fields are completed to create an Item. You are required to upload one image (max. file size is 8MB), and locate the site on the map, by entering a valid street address. Lastly, click on the required Terms and Conditions (ethics information for this project is available in the associated link). Creating an item for the Atlas should not take more than 15 minutes. Once approved by the After Church Atlas team, the Item will be published. You may add additional items to the Atlas. Please note that at this time Guest Users are not able to edit or update the items they create.

In the coming months, you may be contacted via email, and asked to complete a short survey as an aid to refining and tweaking the Atlas.

From Guest User to Contributor: The Atlas has the functionality to build complex Items and Exhibits. You may wish to add additional images, create a slide show/image gallery, add an audio or video files and interviews, or have the ability to edit and update your item. If this interests you, your user level can be upgraded from Guest User to Contributor. For further details and instructions, contact our team.



Contributor Guide from Barry Stephenson on Vimeo.