The Avondale Sky Winery, Nova Scotia

Small worship space is shipped and reused to create winery

Nova Scotian church floated down the Bay of Fundy to become the central building for local winery

The St. Matthew's Anglican Church was built in 1844 and deconsecrated in 2008. Winery owners Stewart Creaser and Lorraine Vassalo bought the closed church for $1.67 -- the same price the congregation paid for the church in 1844!

In 2009, the building was moved to Avondale to become part of the Avondale Sky Winery. According to the new owner, "We really weren't looking for a church in particular but when we were shown it, we just really believed it was the right thing to do. It was a great old building, it's got a lot of history and it deserves to be able to live on." (CBC 2011).

From the Avalon Sky Winery: 

"In honour of the vineyard’s history, and in keeping with our philosophy of sustainability, we wanted to find and repurpose old buildings, rather than build new. That’s how an old barn from St. Croix River banks came to live here.

And then we visited St. Mathews church in Walton. Built in 1837, its graceful interior and elegant windows created a sense of serenity that immediately lifted our spirits. When we heard it was slated for destruction, we knew we had to rescue it."