The Transept: a 'Funky' Venue in Cincinnati.

The Transept Story

From the folks at Transept:

The Transept was once a German Gothic church and has since been absolutely transformed into a historic landmark and standout in the Cincinnati OTR neighborhood.

Originally built in 1868, this building was once St. John’s Unitarian Church and was the first German-American Evangelical and Reformed Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Today, guests, hosts, visitors and bar patrons enjoy the rich history of this very beautiful, very typical German Gothic design—full of stained glass windows, huge vaulted ceilings and ornate details around every corner.

Over the years of renovation, this space has transformed numerous times before we felt confident that this would be one of the most unique, exclusive event venues in Cincinnati, and now, guests have confirmed that dream!

The Transept is a proud operation of Funky’s Catering Events, Cincinnati’s premier hospitality company. As a part of Funky’s Catering Events hospitality, The Transept clients and guests enjoy the Funky’s mission and values, which put your experience at the very top, alongside such important concepts as servant leadership, continuous learning and absolute perfection in quality and service