Taft's Alehouse in a former Cincinnati Protestant Church

Although named, and themed, after the burly, bathtub-loving 27th U.S. President, Taft’s Ale House is housed in what was once the oldest Protestant parish in Cincinnati, St. Paul’s Evangelical Church. Built in 1850, the stunning 49,000-square-foot space was also once home to the Cincinnati Car Company Factory.

The Bell Tolls for Brew
(from The Taft Ale House):

Constructed in 1850 amidst the burgeoning Over-the-Rhine brewing industry, St. Paul’s Evangelical Church was once the oldest protestant parish in the Queen City. Young Billy Taft may have even sauntered past, his cheeks still stained with gooseberry pie. Unbeknownst to him, this structure would carry on his own legacy.

Young Billy would go onto become Supreme Court Chief Justice, Yale Bonesman, and 27th US President,William Howard Taft. He was a collegiate heavyweight-wrestling champion, could bury a two-seam fastball through the backside of a catcher’s mitt, and made the most brazen ham tremble with a single glance. Our city was without its fabled folk hero for too long, but at last the mythos of Big Billy has been restored.

The legend of Cincinnati’s prodigal son lives on inside the hallowed halls of Taft’s Ale House. Join your fellow compatriots, hand-in-handle, as we toast flawless libations, feast on fine fare, and renew a national pastime of united tomfoolery in the pursuit of muddled happiness.



1429 Race St. Cincinnati, OH 45202